Our story


Sometimes life changes.  And our store has gone through a pretty big change. We originally opened up as The Montana Homestead Emporium in 2010.  But when life changes happen, and you move from Montana, the store name has to change for obvious reasons.  So here we are. With a new store name, but the same great products! 


We take pride in each and every item we make for you. We use only American grown soy wax for our candles. The candles are made in small batches and each is hand poured, one at a time, to ensure we are providing consistent quality. We offer true 100% soy candles. We do not use soy blends, and there are no additives or dye.

Our wax tarts are made with our own custom blend of pure soy and all natural beeswax. This blend allows for a stronger scent hold, and a longer lasting tart. Using these natural waxes also allows for a cleaner, truer fragrance to come through.

Through trial and error we have come up with our own recipe for our room and linen sprays.  With all natural, minimal ingredients, we believe we offer some of the best room sprays on the market.  

My love for candle making started, truly just as a hobby. I set out to teach myself to make candles for my family, to use in our home. I never thought I would fall in love with the creative outlet it had become. From our pure soy candles, soy & beeswax melting tarts, to our own handmade room and linen spray, each of our products is handmade, with love.

Amy Glasman

owner - designer - creator